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Sep 24, 2012 5:00pm EDT
and the chamber of commerce will address their concerns in the aftermath of this clash. >>> now to the city where baltimore police were on chesterfield avenue investigating yet another murder. last week nih a researcher was shot and killed. now brian kuebler is here with how police are responding. >> reporter: police already added patrols but it couldn't stop a shooting a block away. all police know about sunday night's murder is that it was a drug-related murder. according to witness, they are looking for two suspects. they are continuing their investigation. that makes two murder cases on this street on either side of bel air road. crime stats show that violent crime in the northeast district is down by just under 20% but a city councilman hop represents -- who represents the area said it's time to get more resources. >> there's no secret that the resources in the amount of officers they assigned hasn't changed since the 70s. we have to address that. >> now scott said he's already spoken to incoming police officer anthony batts. police say they have very few leads and have made little progress
Sep 12, 2012 5:30am EDT
has it's recognition to be proud of listed as one of the up and commerce by u.s. news and world report. it is come in just under the 19 regional schools to be begin the designation up and commerce. they are recognized for the- vattive changes for academics and student -- for the innovative changes for acad --academics and student life. >>> according to the mayor's office, the city made 19 million dollars in revenue all from tickets issued by the speed cameras in a year. that is 4.2 million more than was budgeted. officials say that they plan to spend that money for the additional traffic projcts so i know that's news no one wants to hear. i don't know if you got one but it's like man, they got me. >> i got one. >> you did? >> they got me. all right. let's talk about the temperatures right now. we are chilly this morning in stevenson. 51 degrees. 52 in churchville and 50 in rockville. westminster at 59 and dealing with patchy fog around that area. 55 right now in centerville. easton at 54 and good morning cambridge. you are at 58 degrees. now we look at future trend, high pressure is in
Sep 18, 2012 12:00am EDT
meeting with the his panic chamber of commerce. >> i drank red bull out of a coffee cuff. >> josh hamilton. >> where would you like me to go? >> i would like you to not go to the yankees. that's all i would >> jimmy: hi, i'm simply kimmel. fitness is important to me. i'm anowed for the men lifting weaks. you know the name, lunks like this guy. >> 98, 99. >> 100. oh, yeah. >> this guy is a lunk. planet fitness is lunk-free. >> why are you so scrawny. >> hey, baby, i'm ready to land it in the moon. >> time to go, lunk! >> oh, no! ♪ >> thanks, planet fitness. >> plat et fitness is a place you can relax and work out free. jimmy kimmel coming up live in a minute. [ male announcer ] when a beer tastes both refreshing and flavorful there are some reactions you can't control, and some you can. please drink responsibly. wh features like scanning a barcode to get detailed stock quotes to voice recognition. e-trade leads the way in wherever, whenever investing. download the ultimate in mobile investing apps, free, at e-trade. [ male announcer ] start with a simple idea. think. drink coffee. design
Sep 30, 2012 8:00am EDT
in a whole new way. we have teamed up with the minnesota department of commerce to give back free, yes free, money right in the middle of the mall. >> you guys want to find some money? >> reporter: there's just one problem. >> want some money? you sure? >> reporter: these skeptical shoppers don't believe us. >> you guys want to look up unclaimed property to see you have any unclaimed money. we got thousands of dollars. millions of dollars. >> reporter: but they should. statistics show 1 in 10 of us has unclaimed money waiting. it comes from things like, forgotten apartment security deposits. final paychecks that you didn't pick up and money left to you by loved ones. the states hold it for their citizens. minnesota commerce department commissioner loves giving it back. >> you never know, it could be $1,000 or tens of thousands of dollars that's your money. >> reporter: katy westin is one of the doubters. can we change her mind? yes. with a nice find. $675 from her extended family. >> i'm very happy. >> reporter: other shoppers see the hubbub and start to line up at last. it's simple. we hel
Sep 3, 2012 4:55am EDT
reality star to get on the walk of fame the hollywood chamber of commerce say not so fast. they determine who gets a car and says kardashian is not on the radar right now. part of the criteria to get a star is receiving awards such as an emmy or maybe an oscar don't know. and have been in the acting business for five years or more. >>> the exorcism thriller possession drew in more than 17 million dollar. second lawless and that is about the prohibition era and bootlegging of brothers. i have to check that out. >> the barack obama documentarycame in at number 9. >>> tropical storm on west coast is make it interesting. >> beachgoers have a warning high tides and some big surf. some people are keeping out in the open waters. >> a convicted felon gives the president a serious challenge in the west virginia primary and now a alabama townelect a dead person mayor. gheag on? we will go south and -- what's going on? we will go south to see how this could happen. >> good morning topping money cars at cop the cop -- cars at the convention. among the themes the turn around of the auto industry. gen
Sep 9, 2012 11:00pm EDT
an e-commerce giant but a lot of you are putting pressure on group on to perform better. >> you could find yeardley love out in the bark yard playing lacrosse. >> she was so good she got to play at virginia, but sadly that's where she died. you already know that part of the story. in tonight's story cheyrl conner tells us about how we will remember her life. >> and it now holds the big letters yeardley love field. you can't miss the name, the new turf and the passion of love's biggest fans. >> every walk on to the field will be a win. yeardley love's name is on new turf. it's a new dame for notre dame and her family. >> it's something positive to focus on and to work on. it really pulled us up and got us going and got us out every day. >> love played lacrosse and field hockey behind the building of note dam press before going where on to uva where she was killed by an ex- boyfriend. athletes playing on new turf competing on an equal field. >> many of us remember when the field was a barely regulation size strip of grass right over there surrounded completely by woods. no bathrooms, no
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6